3 Top Tips for Creating the Ultimate Donor Cultivation Event

IFC Canada held another successful and highly motivating First Friday Fundraisers session last week on how to use events to engage with your donors.
Here are three top tips on creating that ultimate donor cultivation event that came out of the session:  
  1. Know your goals before you start: When you know what you want to achieve, then you can design an event that is suited to meet that goal. For example, a small, cause-focused dinner, where you are more able to have conversations with guests, may be better to engage your major donors than a much larger gala, where opportunities for conversation may be more limited.  
  2. Treat your events as a theatre production: This means you should be thinking about the experience you want your guests to have (is the focus to be on fun or more on engagement?), who your players are and the roles that you want them to play, the story that you want to tell and the ending that you want people to remember. 
  3. Always follow up with a debrief with your team: Do this on the same day, so that you can capture what your guests have said about your cause and whether they have expressed an interest in getting more involved. This way you can be sure to follow up appropriately.

We’d love to hear about events that you are organising. How are you thinking about donor cultivation as part of your planning? Let us know…