2017…A Year in the Life of IFC

It has been a busy year for IFC, and as it draws to a close we take a look back at some of our highlights…

2017 saw three new offices join the IFC family. We are delighted to welcome Jim De in India, Maya Gabitova in Kyrgyzstan and Sam Kayongo in Tanzania as new Country Directors. At the same time, we were sad to see Mena Gainpaulsingh leave as Director of IFC Canada. We wish her well and hope to be able to announce a new Director there shortly.

We are always looking for opportunities for new offices in new countries, so if you or someone you know might be interested in becoming an IFC Country Director, please get in touch with IFC Chair, John Baguley.

As 2017 draws to an end, so does our partnership with the Small Charities Coalition on organising our free First Friday fundraising advice sessions. We have worked out that over the past three years, we have welcomed over 700 charities to the clinics, covering topics such as legacies, corporate fundraising, lottery funding and strategy. A huge thank you to the Coalition for helping us run the sessions, and to all the speakers who have given up their time for free.

We are keen to continue First Fridays, but for now we will be taking a short break as we work out the best way to meet our plan to give away our expertise to smaller charities. We will keep you posted.

Meanwhile, our Top Table networking breakfasts for the Directors of Fundraising from the largest fundraising organisations have continued to be popular and valued. With only ever two things on the agenda – what keeps you up and night and what gets you out of bed in the morning – and with views over London from the top of the Gherkin, they allow for relaxed, but often vibrant conversations amongst attendees about the issues affecting them. Four more breakfasts are planned for 2018.

Our newest venture, Fundraising TV got off to an excellent start in 2017, with four pilot episodes produced, giving viewers the opportunity to hear from experts on issues including capital appeals, major donors and the next big thing – filmed at the Institute of Fundraising UK’s convention in July this year. Look out for more episodes coming in 2018.

Speaking of the Convention, we were once again delighted to sponsor the volunteer T-shirts in 2017. With 2,400 delegates, the convention is the largest event for professional fundraisers in Europe, and it couldn’t happen without the army of red t-shirted volunteers making sure everything works seamlessly.

Both IFC Chair, John Baguley and IFC CEO, Bill King, led panel discussions this year at the Convention. John’s focused on the Next Big Thing in fundraising, tying into our Fundraising TV episode, while Bill chaired a discussion on asking for donations from wealthy individuals. Both sessions were well attended and led to lively debate. Thank you to all who contributed.

And speaking of John, his new book, Fundraising and Zombies has now been published. It’s a fascinating look at why some charities underperform and how to combat the zombies who may be holding back your organisation. The book would make a great Christmas present for any fundraiser in your life and can be bought along with his other books from Amazon.

In other news, the IFC blog continues to publish fundraising news and really interesting opinion pieces from fundraising experts globally. You can find out whether John’s fundraising predictions for 2017 were right, what exactly is the theory of change, how the Lottery has changed for the better, and what exactly are we all stuck, stuck, stuck in? Make sure you subscribe today.

Finally, we wanted to say a huge thank you to all of IFC’s fantastic clients around the world for giving us the opportunity to work with you this year. We are continually amazed by the passion our clients have for changing the world, and helping them do that is the great privilege of our job.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and a fantastic fundraising 2018!