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Is Proportionality Limiting Your Large Gifts?

Have you ever wondered why you’re not getting larger individual donations or funder awards? It is perplexing, isn’t it? You did your research and you knew that the donor/funder made larger gifts, but they haven’t made them to your agency! This is frustrating. You wonder, “Was it how we asked? What happened?” IFC USA Director, Laurence Pagnoni explains […]

IFC Shortlisted for Better Society 2018 Award

IFC has once again been shortlisted for a Better Society Award in the Best Consultancy category. Now into its 4th year, the Better Society Awards celebrate the efforts that commercial companies make in order to help create a better society. IFC has been shortlisted for the Best Consultancy category. IFC is an award-winning consultancy with offices in 12 […]

What Do Fundraisers Do? (And Why it Matters)

Having worked as a professional fundraiser for more than two decades,  IFC USA Director, Laurence Pagnoni is convinced that a better understanding of the fundraising profession is needed… People generally know what an accountant or bookkeeper does. By virtue of television, people think they know what a lawyer or forensic scientist does. But when it comes […]

Oxfam – Did We Kill Babies?

Dearly beloved, please sit still and stop that knee jerking for a minute whilst I tell you a tale of saints becoming sinners and sinners so sure they are saints, though who is who you will need to decide for yourself. Doesn’t your dear heart just reach out to Mark Goldring, Oxfam’s CEO, as he […]

Three Reasons Why You Should Call in a Fundraising Consultant

When I first started as Fundraising Director at the British Section of Amnesty International UK, I found an excellent report sitting in my in-tray from a fundraising consultant. It contained a detailed analysis of the current fundraising programme and the possible income streams still unfulfilled. Yes, this was a hard-copy print out way before such […]