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Seeking New Funders? Why Not Ask Your Current Funders?

Raising money by soliciting private and corporate foundation grants is a volume business.  Since at best you might get one grant for every five submissions (20%), the search for funders closely aligned with the values and mission of your agency is never-ending. You don’t want to waste time tossing proposals around willy-nilly, but with value-aligned prospects the […]

Launching the Online Fundraising Community: Wikifund

What is Wikifund? Wikifund is created to provide one source portal of ALL information to do with Fundraising for charities, not for profit organisations and social enterprises. It is written by fundraisers for fundraisers. Updated by professional fundraisers throughout the world giving their own personal opinions and insight into what they are working on, their […]

Are You Ready For A Capital Appeal?

My first experience of a capital appeal was over 20 years ago, in my very first fundraising role. Although as a very junior fundraiser, I didn’t have responsibility for the appeal, I got to see first-hand how existing and new contacts could be engaged and inspired through a well planned and executed campaign. It was […]

Rich List Blues

Hi Alexa – Why do I always forget to buy the Times Rich List? That’s because you read the Guardian, John. Do you want me to remind you? – Thanks Alexa, that would be great. Can I help you with anything else, John?   Yes, whilst we are having this conversation, how come my major donors […]

Fundraising Instinct

“She has good instincts.” So said the trustee referring to one of LAPA’s major gift consultants. What did he mean? I’ve heard this phrase often regarding fundraisers and other professionals, and have used it myself. Derek Jeter was said to have good baseball instincts. “Good instincts usually tell you what to do before your head […]

Is a Fundraising Plan Part of a Strategic Plan?

As fundraisers, we are asked many questions, particularly when it comes to strategic planning. Here, IFC US Director, Laurence Pagnoni answers a question that crops up regularly… Is a fundraising plan part of a strategic plan? If so, why is it important? Isn’t a strategic plan focused on what we will do to fulfill our […]