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April's First Friday: London

April's First Friday fundraising advice session in London will…
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April's First Friday: Amsterdam

However you do good in the world, technology will undoubtably…
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World of Fundraising: India

A number of times since I have been a consultant, I have been…

IFC Shortlisted for Better Society 2017 Award

IFC has been shortlisted for a Better Society 2017 Award in the…

Everyone Of Your Donors Will Die – And That’s The Good News!

And if you want the bad news look no further: 93% of people don’t…

A ‘Handy Guide’ to Lottery Grant Applications

Many think that lottery applications are really hard work and…

Four Fabulous Fundraising Campaigns in March

From sleeping rough to giving up chocolate, here are four of…

Meet Team IFC: Helen Maynard-Hill

The latest Meet Team IFC blog introduces the lovely Helen Maynard-Hill.…
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March's First Friday: Amsterdam

IFC Netherlands' First Friday fundraising advice session in March…
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Don’t Stand Next to the Window!

No sooner do I blog about contactless donations being the thin…

Fundraising from the 1%

I can comfortably, if sadly, predict that in 2017 the disparity…
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February's First Friday: London

February's First Friday fundraising advice clinic in London is…
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February's First Friday: Milan

Crowdfunding may still be a fairly new concept in Italy, but…

The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Fundraising in the US and UK is going through not just hard times…

February's First Friday: Amsterdam

Storytelling is vital to any fundraiser, especially in this digital…

Four Fundraising Predictions for 2017

As fundraisers embark on a new year of raising money for their…

2016: Our Best Bits

From Cambodia to Canada, awards to websites, it's been a great…
View from this week's Top Table event at the Gherkin

Is Your Director of Fundraising on the Top Table?

IFC's Top Table events are an opportunity for the Directors…

Globalisation - Best and Worst of Times

Today's blog comes from IFC founder and chair, John Baguley direct…