#BeatDiabetes: Is It Part Of Your Fundraising Strategy?

WHDEach year World Health Day gives non-profit organisations globally the opportunity to raise awareness of particular health issues and raise funds to help support the work they are doing. This year the theme is Beat Diabetes, and with an estimated 422 million people globally affected by diabetes, and according to WHO, this is expected to more than double in the next 20 years – there is a good reason for such a focus.

Organisations around the world are calling on their supporters to help them #BeatDiabetes:

  • Diabetes UK’s Know Your Risk campaign promotes an online tool, endorsed by the West Ham United FC team, that tells users their level of risk of diabetes
  • Help Age International and their Age Demands Action campaign calls for diabetes treatment for everyone no matter their age or where they live.

Then of course, there is the actual World Health Organisation (WHO) campaign – Beat Diabetes – which aims to increase awareness about the rise and staggering burden of diabetes, provide steps to tackle and prevent the disease, and launch the first global report on diabetes.

As the organisation behind World Health Day – it’s marked on 7 April each year, the anniversary of the founding of the WHO – the WHO calls on organisations around the world to join them in their fight for universal health. By providing the theme, materials, and messaging any organisation can easily get involved and either join the WHO campaign or create its own campaign around the theme– either way, it’s too good an opportunity to miss in terms of raising awareness of an issue on a global level, raising the profile of the organisation and potentially raising funds.

Organisations should be using global observance days, such as World Health Day, as part of their campaign and fundraising strategies. With themes, messaging and tools often provided, all you need to do is:

  • Find the link to your organisation – this is easier than you think, take the theme of this year’s World Health Day, diabetes – organisations running campaigns range from alcohol-related to those working with the elderly, to those supporting limb-amputees.

So, what is your organisation doing this World Health Day? And if your answer is ‘nothing’, then why ever not?