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Aren’t We All Stuck, Stuck, Stuck?

There is an art movement called Stuckism after Bill Childish a figurative artist was accused by his conceptual art colleague of being, “…stuck, stuck, stuck.” Founded in 1999 by Billy Childish and Charles Thomson, it promotes figurative painting as opposed to conceptual art. Having said that, I have a completely different sort of stuckism in mind. […]

The Nonprofit Fundraising Solution

The nonprofit sector the world over continues to face major fundraising challenges. Government cutbacks, shrinking endowments, and business belt-tightening mean revenue shortfalls that could prevent organisations from fulfilling their missions. To survive and ultimately thrive, a nonprofit needs forceful revenue strategies and an organisational culture that champions them. Over his 25 years as a nonprofit […]

IFC Shortlisted for Charity Times Award

We are delighted to announce that IFC has made the shortlist of the Charity Times Award’s Advisory Provider of the Year category. The objectives of the awards have remained consistent since their inception: • To honour the outstanding professionals in the many and varied fields of charity management • To recognise, celebrate, and promote best […]

August’s First Friday: London

If you’re not on holiday the first week of August then don’t miss our free First Friday fundraising advice session in London on Friday 4th August, which will focus on online fundraising and how to maximise your campaign’s success.   A recent study by JustGiving has shown that the causes people are raising money for […]

Fundraising TV: Taking us by Surprise!

When I started Fundraising TV, it was intended as a one-episode trial, put together by calling in favours to test the waters and see if there was any interest in a magazine programme about fundraising that wasn’t either just ‘how to do’ fundraising nor an opinionated vlog, but rather interviews with front line fundraisers about […]

How I Got a Job Through the Fundraising Convention

Today’s guest blog comes from, Harry Gardner, Corporate Account Executive at Meningitis Now, who was, once again, a volunteer at this year’s Fundraising Convention… Where to start? Every year the Fundraising Convention is one of the key highlights in the fundraising calendar.  I absolutely love it and always feel in my element when attending.  Whether you’re learning from […]

Fundraising Convention…So Far…

It goes without say, if you’re a fundraiser or have anything to do with fundraising, the Fundraising Convention is the place to be this week. And, once again, IFC is proud to be sponsoring the volunteer t-shirts; so if you need any help, look out for the lovely folks wearing a red t-shirt, who will […]

Battle of the Fundraising Giants

It’s going to be the battle of the fundraising giants next week at the Fundraising Convention as IFC Chair, John Baguley takes on IFC CEO Bill King in what could be the biggest battle of their careers so far… At 12pm on Monday 3 July, direct from the Fundraising Convention, John Baguley will be running […]

IFC Directors Conference – Berlin June 2017

IFC Chair and founder John Baguley set up IFC with the belief that an effective civil society was key to a better future, and it is exciting to see how his mission to change the world, one client at a time, is spreading across the globe. Today, IFC has offices in 13 countries across five […]

IFC Launches Fundraising TV

IFC is excited to announce the launch of its brand new Fundraising TV! The weekly magazine show, broadcast every Wednesday on You Tube brings the latest news and information from the world of fundraising. Fundraising TV aims to inform and increase access to fundraising people and practices at the forefront of fundraising in the UK. The programmes will follow a […]